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FIRST equipment and consumables

  • How much does the special equipment on your homepage cost, and can I get the specifications?
    We are a federal funded institution and we do not sell equipment or consumables.

  • I would like to use the special equipment on your homepage, can I get access to it?
    Yes, please follow the instructions on the linked page: Getting access

ETH card lost or forgotten

HELP! I've lost/forgotten my ETH card (legi) and can't enter the cleanroom anymore.

For a temporal replacement batch please contact our assistant by e-mail () for a visitor batch. Please do NOT enter the cleanroom without your personal batch.

For permanent replacement for a lost or destroyed ETH card see here:

Lost name tag or magnet

I've lost my FIRST lab name tag and/or magnet.

Please contact our assistant by e-mail () for a new name tag or magnet.


  • Do you hire any interns?

    No, please contact one of the subject-specific professors.

  • I would like to work in your lab, do you have an open position there?

    Job openings are offered and published here: Vacancies at ETH Zurich

Access to FIRST for external companies

I'm working for company XY and would like to develop a new process in FIRST. How I can do this?

Please prepare a list with needed materials and equipment, and contact Dr. Silke Schön () for further details. Please be aware that we are not a service lab, but a user lab. Therefore, the manpower has to be provided by your company. We do not develop processes as a service.

FIRST visitors

  • I want to bring a visitor to a FIRST cleanroom. What do I have to do?

    You need to announce the visitor to the FOT and wait for written permission ahead of the planned visit date. Details are given here. Only professional visitors like scientific collaborators or intended hires will receive permission. Visitor access is restricted to the regular working hours only! This excludes evening and weekend visits.

  • May I bring a visitor into FIRST to use the FIRST equipment for his/her samples because FIRST equipment is so well maintained?

    The equipment in FIRST is dedicated to approved projects which need a cleanroom environment only. It is very expensive to maintain this environment and certain restrictions apply. Please use the equipment at other centers of ETH, e.g. the electron and light microscopy center ScopeM, if you do not require a cleanroom environment for your work.

FIRST team member offices

Where do I find the offices of the FIRST team members?

Please refer to our phone list provided at all telephones in FIRST Lab or use the ETH telephone book. Please do not contact individual FTT or FOT members in writing to receive this information.


  • I want a FIRST team member to order consumables for me which I will not use in FIRST.

    Unfortunately, this will not be possible as FIRST team members are required to order consumables to be used in FIRST lab only. If you would like to benefit from special rates or to save on shipping rates by joined orders please turn to the ETH service centers, e.g. D-Phys-Shop or HCI-Shop.

  • I want a FIRST team member to place an order with a tool shop for parts I need outside of FIRST-Lab.

    Unfortunately, this will not be possible as FIRST team members are required to place orders with ETH workshops for parts to be used in FIRST-Lab only.

CLA cleanrooms

I want to work in the CLA cleanrooms. Do I have to participate in the FIRST introduction day?

No. The organization of CLA cleanrooms is different from FIRST cleanrooms. Please contact Dr. Stefan Blunier () for details.

IBM Rüschlikon cleanroom facilities

I’m interested in the cleanroom facilities at IBM Rüschlikon. What should I do?

ETH and IBM run a joined cleanroom facility at the IBM Rüschlikon campus. Please contact Dr. Roland Germann () for any further questions you might have.

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