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FIRST-Lab operates a large amount of scientific and technological equipment, ranging from sophisticated epitaxy systems for III-V semiconductors to photo- and nanolithography facilities, numerous vacuum systems for thin film deposition of metals and insulators, dry etching systems, and characterization equipment for the precise analysis of material parameters and processes.

The equipment is operated by trained users only. A general introduction to work behaviour compatible with a cleanroom environment will be provided during the FIRST-Lab Introduction Day. In addition, the safe handling of chemicals and emergency procedures will be taught. Once an user gained access to FIRST-Lab she or he will receive a training on the specific equipment.

Gaining access to FIRST-Lab

Hints & Tips for Equipment Users:

  1. For most equipment: make a reservation with our online booking system (physics account necessary).
  2. Time slots to work on specific equipment will be defined by the equipment responsible person.
  3. Always fill in log sheet.
  4. Operate equipment carefully and always according to guidelines (expensive machines!!).
  5. Inform equipment responsible when problems occur and make a note in the log sheet.
  6. New processes & materials: check before use with equipment responsible person for compatibility.
  7. Leave equipment always in default status.
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