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Entrance to FIRST-Lab.

Access to FIRST-Lab is based on annual project contracts. A project can only be submitted by a person with budget responsibility, i.e. a Professor. User fees depend on the kind of equipment and duration of usage. An estimate of the expected costs will be given in the contract.

The FIRST-Lab is generally open to the scientific community at ETH and also, under certain more restrictive guidelines, to external users. However, since FIRST is a clean-room facility, nobody can simply walk in. Certain guidelines for users have to be accepted, to ensure the high-quality operation of the facility. The Operation guidelines distinguish between different types of users from the ETH, Industry and others. ETH users will have priority and any other user may only use the facility if capacity is available and if they do not restrict the access of ETH users.

Generally, all users have to be qualified, in order to enter FIRST. A training course will be provided to receive such a qualification. Prospective FIRST-Lab users need to take part in the Introduction Day. They are required to pass the safety test at the end of the seminar. Paperwork for check-in will be provided during the seminar. The new user will be supervised by a mentor in the beginning. After admission to the cleanroom, the new user will obtain training on the individual equipment. The new user is expected to participate in the ETH fire fighting course within one year after admission to the clean room.

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