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Every person who intends to work in FIRST needs to visit our FIRST-Lab Introduction Day and to pass the safety test at the end of the seminar day.

Also, FIRST-Lab users who have not visited FIRST-Lab for 6 month or longer are requested to revisit the Introduction Day to proceed working in FIRST.

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Please note that you should only register for the Introduction Day when you are ready to start your work in FIRST right away and not months in advance. Make sure that your Professor has filed a project contract with FIRST-Lab. You will find a list of the approved projects here.

Register for the next FIRST-Lab Introduction Day on September 21st, 2017.

Master and Semester Students

FIRST experienced an increasing interest of master and semester students to carry out their work in our clean room. Because these students are short-term users we need to be prepared to act quickly on training and equipment availability. On the other hand, we have to make sure that the requested equipment has sufficient capacity and that our long-term users will not be hindered in carrying out their work plans due to blocked equipment.

Therefore, we ask the supervisors of master and semester students to provide the following information to :

  1. Name of the student.
  2. Start date and duration of the work.
  3. Tutor (responsible person for the student in your group).
  4. Project allocation (Name of Professor).
  5. Time to be spent in FIRST (occasionally, daily etc.).
  6. Requested equipment access:
    Which equipment will be used and for how long?
    Is this time additional to the project time on the equipment or a temporal replacement of the user currently working on the equipment?


09.00 am    Welcome, general information, access procedure,
                   mentoring, cleanroom behavior (S. Schön)

10.45 am    Coffee break

11.00 am    Infrastructure and Technics (E. Gini)

12.15 pm    Lunch break

01.15 pm    Safety and Health (Y. Bonetti)

02.30 pm    Cleanliness seminar (P. Burkard, M. Leibinger)

03.40 pm    Coffee break

04.00 pm    Safety with Chemicals (S. Loosli)

04.40 pm    Safety test (Y. Bonetti)

05.00 pm    End of the seminar day

Download of Seminar Documents

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