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researcher doing maintenance
FIRST researcher doing maintenance in a fireproof overall.

Safety Equipment & Training

FIRST-Lab has fixed monitoring systems for its lab environment and provides personal protection gear in collaboration with ETH Safety, Security, Health, Environment (SSHE). Safety training is part of the FIRST Introduction Day.

Internal safety information and guidelines can be accessed here.

Each substance used in the FIRST-Lab is described by a Materials Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).

In addition, we would like to draw your attention to the GESTIS Database for Hazardous Substances to obtain detailed information on the danger potential of the materials you use during your processes and on how to protect yourself.


During pregnancy, especially in its early stage, women are more susceptible to certain physical influences (e.g. x-rays), chemical substances or microorganisms (e.g. rubella virus). Exposure to such harmful influences can have serious consequences for the development of the unborn child.

Please contact to clarify if your pregnancy precludes you from continuing to work in FIRST. Please also inform a FOT member at your convenience.

Factsheet Maternity Protection ETH (nethz-login required)

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