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Equipment in the FIRST-Lab can only be used after an on-site training by the responsible person. Equipment training is only provided to users who already gained access to FIRST-Lab. Each piece of equipment has two responsible persons. They can be contacted via email using the link on the corresponding equipment website.

Hints and tips:

  • Please only request a training for a particular equipment when you really need it. Do not collect equipment trainings like credit points.
  • If you plan to do just one test with an equipment, e.g. a test deposition, please ask the person responsible for the equipment for assistance.
  • Provide information about your sample and your process when applying for the training so that the responsible can tailor the training to your needs.
  • Best results will be obtained by an experienced user. Therefore, have samples ready to start to practice right after the training.
  • Take notes during the training so that you do not miss on detailed information.
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