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Below you will find most of the other liquid chemicals which are classified as solvents, acids bases or lithography products, together with their Materials Safety Data Sheets (MSDS). MSDS are supplied in German for Switzerland. Some of the chemicals do not have datasheets or MSDS data on-line. A paper copy usually exists. The red MSDS folders in the lab contain a paper copy. Photocopies of the datasheets can usually be obtained from Yargo Bonetti. With the structural formula - when available - you will also find the state of aggregation of the chemicals. [(g)=gas, (l)=liquid, (s)=solid, (aq)=aqueous solution]. We do our best to keep this list up-to-date. However, due to the continued purchasing of new chemicals, our latest additions may not yet be available on this page. We appreciate your understanding.

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CAS-Nr English name Deutscher Name Formula Supplier Product ID MSDS Date
9002-93-1 Triton(R) X-100
Triton(R) X-100
[C16H26O2]n Sigma-Aldrich
Datasheet MSDS 02-02-2003
0-0-0 Auronal BP RTU
Auronal BP RTU
Datasheet MSDS not available
999-97-3 Hexamethyldisilisane Hexamethyl Disilizan C6H19NSi2 (l) Merck 112186 MSDS 09-11-2010
7722-84-1 Hydrogenperoxide Perhydrol H2O2 (Aq. ~30%) Merck 108597 MSDS 26-02-1998
26062-79-3 Poly(Diallyldimethylammonium chloride) Poly(Diallyl Methyl Ammonium Chlorid) C8H16ClN (aq.) Sigma-Aldrich 409022 MSDS 17-05-2011
25704-18-1 Poly(Sodium-4-Styrenesulfonate) Poly(Natrium Styren Sulfonat) (aq.) C8H7NaO3S Sigma-Aldrich 527483 MSDS 06-02-2006
151-21-3 Sodium lauryl sulfate Natrium Lauryl Sulfat
C8H22N2O3Si (l)  Sigma-Aldrich  71727 MSDS 18-05-2004
0-0-0 Technigold 25 ES RTU
Technigold 25 ES RTU
 Technic SA
Datasheet MSDS 23-07-2004
3-(2-Amino ethyl amino) propyl trimethoxy silane  3-(2-Amino Ethyl Amino) Propyl Trimethoxy Silan C8H22N2O3Si (l) Sigma-Aldrich 104884



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